Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pinterest Challenge

Have you been to lately? If not you still have time to join the Pinterest challenge.
I’ve heard of pinterest before simply by being redirected there when I am searching for things on Google but I have never really paid much attention to what it is. Following my daily read on,  which is pretty much equivalent to a cup of coffee for me, I decided to introduce myself with Pinterest and see what it’s all about. I signed up and couldn’t believe the hoopla that I have been missing out on. Pinterest in short is a virtual pinboard to keep all internet ideas organized. In the past I have always kept a word document with links to ideas that I like. I have come to realize that this is an unorganized method to tracking my internet finds. And that is why I have turned to pinterest, thanks to Sherry, and believe me – it is A-MAZE-ZINGGG! So this weekend I will be working on my pinboard and tackling one of my projects so I can enter into the Pinterest challenge on Wednesday. Join the fun!

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