Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baby Shower Highlights

My baby shower that I mentioned in my last post was on Saturday. My Mom threw an amazing party. She always does! I didnt get to help her but when I walked in the hall this is what I saw.

Here is a closer look at the tables.

My mom made the centerpieces by attaching a vase to these cute baby toys that she found for $1.00 each! And that is one of my pom pom balls that I made used as a half ball to decorate the table. It was my Grandma's idea to insert the leaves under the pom pom ball to make it look like lilly pads! It all came out so cute.

Notice the Goya hot sauce? The food theme for the party was spanish food. My Grandma, Mom, and Adriana catered the party. They made spanish rice, steak tips, chicken, and plantains! My mother and father-in-law also brought three platters of sandwiches!

My Mom made more of the vanilla extract for party favors.

And the beautiful cake was made by Janet who also made our announcement party cake. We also had the cookie bar and more cake pops.

Our friend Sheila surpised us by making this adorable Baby Carraige Fruit Basket! Her and Keeana also made a Motorcycle Diaper Care Package!

Aren't they so creative!

My mom doesn't throw the typical baby shower. She invites couples rather than just women. My mom likes to have a good time and she doesn't like the guest to be bored. That's why the place she rented had a dance floor and of course she had to have a DJ there too. Here is another cute inexpensive way to decorate which we used on the DJ table.

This is just a simple paper chain made out of scrapbooking paper. It is a great project for kids, my six year old neice was able to help make this.

While we opened gifts my Mom entertained the guests with all sorts of games. This is a great way to distract your guests if you don't like attention (if your anything like Johnny and myself.) And of course my Mom made sure to reward them with prizes!

Homemade Swedish Fish Vodka

And an assortment of other homemade Vodkas and Kahluas. I was able to decorate the bottles! They make great gifts.

Pineapple Infused Vodka

Pear Infused Vodka

Like I said, not the typical baby shower - but totally awesome and we had a great time!

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  1. Gratitude my friend for sharing these amazing Baby Shower Highlights here. I had an amazing time watching these photos. We have also started preparations for our son’s birthday. He wants the karaoke party and we will be throwing an amazing and professionally hosted bash at one of the event halls for rent.