It's been nearly a week since I started this blog and I haven't even posted anything about my art! For those of you who don't understand my blog name it stands for I heart art. Which I do. I really love art. I just wanted to share some of my pieces with you. Now that I have a blog of my own, the next time I create a piece I will document it step by step and try to show you how to do it.

This piece I created in high school. It was actually the first time I realized that I could actually learn how to paint. This one was done with acrylics, which I find are easiest to work with. Each student in class was required to recreate a painting from a famous artist. I chose this skyscraper painted by Georgia Okeeffe. Below you will find a picture of the real piece.
It may not look exactly the same.... but this is what got me started.

This next one is also a recreation of another artists work. I made it to decorate my room. I always wanted to visit the canals in Italy.

This is a fun piece that I made out of cut out colored cardstock.

This was a project that was done completely in pen and ink. It helped the class to pay attention to the textures found in everyday objects.
This one isn't my favorite but Johnny loves it. The origional picture was from an ad that I found in a magazine. It was a little more difficult than the other paintings that I did because I used oil paints rather than acrylic. Oil paintings definitly take a lot longer to dry!

 I created this picture in photoshop. I'm not sure why but I have always loved it!
This painting is an example of a monochromatic still life. I brought in some objects from home that had meaning to me. I brought the suitcase in to represent my desire to travel. I borrowed the globe from another class room for the same reason. I created a little window on the globe to show one place that I would really love to visit - Greece. Hopefully I will get there someday! The teddy bear was a gift that my brother gave me and the umbrella was a decoration thatI grabbed from my room. I really enjoyed this project because I learned how to work in different dimensions and I also was able to learn about the different hues that can be found in one color!

This is one of my favorites. It is done entirely with sharpie. I made this after I read the book Briar Rose. If you ever get to read it you will see the symbolism found within this picture.

This is the Goat Island Lighthouse in Maine. I made this painting for my mother in law after we saw a piece by Frederic Kohli at the Big E that she liked. I tried to copy his style of painting and also create some sentiment by painting a lighthouse that my mother in law was familiar with. Below is an image of the origional picture of the lighthouse and also an example of a piece by Frederic Kohli.

This picture is an altered image of my younger brother that I painted!

A few of my pieces are unfinished. And honestly its possible that they will stay that way. Hopefully I will find the motivation to complete them.
The is the start of a recreation of an piece of art done by Edward Hopper called Chop Suey.

As you can see it needs a lot of work before it can be considered complete.

This is another recreation that I started. The origional is by Klimpt. Its called Mother and Child. I changed the picture a little by making the mother a brunette - like me (and my aunt and many other women)! I started this for my aunt who was pregnant but I am sad to say that its incomplete and my Aunt's baby is now 6 months old! Where did my motivation go?
This is the origional by Klimpt. I have a long ways to go until completetion.

I hope you enjoyed some of my artwork. I will post more as soon as I make it and hopefully I give a little insight on how to paint or draw!