Monday, June 11, 2012

Planning the Baby Room

The babies room is our most current home makeover project. It is actually the biggest bedroom in the house. This is a before picture of the babies room.

 I've had a difficult time choosing how I want to decorate the baby room. I was shocked when I found out I was having a little girl. All my life I've grown up around boys. I have four brothers. I am girly in my own way but when it comes to colors and decorating I'm not a huge fan of pinks and purples. I don't want the baby room to be over girly but I also don't want it to be so neutral that you can't tell it was meant for a girl. The first thing that we picked out for the baby room was the crib and dresser set. The one we chose is from Chaplin Baby and it's the Sonoma Echelon set in Driftwood.

 This is what the crib will convert to in the future.

 The next thing I ended up buying was an area rug from Pier 1 it was originally $400 and I was able to scoop it up for $75. What a great deal. I love the crocheted Flowers and the earth tones.

 Pinterest was my main source for choosing colors. This picture inspired me most. I wish I could crochet those hanging lights!!! I also love the star decals on the wall.

Pinned Image

 My mother in law and I went together to pick out the color. We bought Elephant Gray in Benjamin Moore paint. I like this color even more than my inspiration color because it has a hint of purple in it rather than brown.

For my baby shower one of the gifts we  recieved was the Shermag Cherry Glider Chair from Babies R Us. This is what it looks like.

The chair matches the crocheted flowers on the rug and the earth tones in the bedroom. The most recent decision we have made is on the curtain material which I posted about earlier this week.

The last major thing I have to choose is the crib bedding. I'm not quite sure what I want but here are two of the sets that I like.

Pinned Image

This bedding is very neutral and goes with my colors. It is from The Land of Nod.

Spa Pom Pon Play Crib Bedding | Carousel Designs 500x500 image

I also love this Spa Pom Pom set but I thik it might clash with my curtains. So many choices to make!

I can't wait to see the baby room completely finished and put together! I will post pictures of the room once it is complete!

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