Saturday, June 9, 2012

Osgoods Fabric Store

Earlier this week, on Tuesay, my Grandma flew in from Florida. She is visiting so that she can make it to my second baby shower and possibly be around for when the baby is born. While she is around I am going to make use of one of her many talents .... Sewing. My grandma is a hot ticket and she is so creative. She is always working on projects and I'm pretty sure she probably has more pins on pinterest than I do.

  About a month ago I purchased some curtains from Pier 1. The ones I chose were on sale. I bought two packages and still spent $100 bucks. I didn't mind because I really loved them, and thought they would be perfect for our bedroom. I also thought I deserved to treat myself. When I got home I was quickly disappointed. The image on the packaging led me to believe that each package contained two panels. Wrong! Each package only contained one panel, which meant on sale I spent $50 for each panel and that I would also need to buy two more panels. So in the end I would have to spend $200 for one small room. That's when I decided to return the curtains and utilize my Grandmother's talents. And thankfully, she happily accepted this task. So this week we went to Osgoods Fabric Store.

 It's a local material warehouse and it has better prices and more options than Joanne's Fabrics. When we got there we were very overwhelmed by our options.

Wouldn't you be in a place like this!?

So many choices!

 I could have spent all day in there. After perusing for a little while I quickly learned that I have very expensive taste. Some of the fabric I liked was $25 a yard and I needed 12 yards. At that rate I would spend more making curtains than what I would have at Pier 1. Here are some of the materials I liked.

My grandma suggested that I take a look at the cotton material. She explained that I could make curtains out of this and still get a print that I love at a reasonable price. She also explained that cotton curtains are much easier to clean. I ended up choosing some material for the baby room and next time I go I will choose some for our bedroom. Maybe I'll even have my grandma show me how to make them and I'll make them myself. In the end this is the material I decided on.

It was $3.50 a yard. I ended up spending a total of $49 on the material and it will create 4 panels! What a great deal - the price of all 4 panels less than the cost of 1 panel on sale at Pier 1! When I got home I washed the material, dried it and immediately took it out of the dryer and folded it. When you use cotton this is a necessity because you need to preshrink the material. You also don't want to let it sit in the dryer otherwise you will end up with wrinkles that will later require ironing. I can't wait until my curtains are done and hanging in the baby room! It will be nice to see everything come together.

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