Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vanilla Extract Party Favors

Are you looking for a creative and unique party favor for a baby shower? Look no further! Yesterday my mom threw me a baby shower and she made the cutest party favors! Her and my brother planned this idea months ago. They decided to make home made vanilla extract. I would have never known this but vanilla extract is made from 100% Vodka and Madagascar Vanilla Beans. Fill a large air tight glass container with vodka and vanilla beans and let it soak for six months. Before the shower you can divy up the vanilla and vodka into small party favor jars from Michaels, AC Moore, or Christmas tree shop. Attach a label with the date that the vanilla extract is due or ready to be used. If you plan it properly like my mom did you can even make the due date of the vanilla coincide with the babies due date! In my case the due date for both the vanilla and my baby is July 11, 2012. Your party favors are now complete. To jazz it up even more you can decorate the party favor bottles with an assortment of things. My mom was able to pick out some cute teddy bears. We attached the teddy bears to the bottles with a hot glue gun.

Aren't these adorable!

My mom also decided to do a cookie bar for additional party favors. Her and Adriana made all sorts of different kinds of cookies and put them in cute decorative jars. On the guests way out they were all invited to take a treat bag full of cookies and cake pops home!

We want to give a special thanks to everyone that helped in planning the baby shower, donating raffle prizes, organizing games, and assisting with the gift opening. The evening wouldn't have gone smoothly without YOU! We also want to thank everyone for showing their love and support in helping us prepare for our baby girls arrival.


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