Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project To Do List

I have quit a few projects in mind that I want to accomplish in the upcoming weeks. This is what's to come .....

My staircase needs a little bit of TLC. Inspiration source: Pinterest
wallpaper stairs via charlotteannette blogspot Take A Chance On Your Stairs
Looks fairly easy, now I just need to find some wallpaper that I like. Any suggestions on where I can find modern wallpaper?
I want to paint a design on the inner rectangle of the baby's closet in her bedroom. I was thinking possibly the same color as the walls with white polka dots. What do you think?
Our bedroom wall is very bare. I'd like to make a painting to go above it. While I'm at it, I should attempt making the bed too!
I like this idea from I know its something I am capable of painting. I'll probably use green, yellow and white in my version to match my bedroom.

Then I seriously need to think about either making or buying curtains for both our bedroom and the game room.
And our backyard ..........
Now that it is cooling off outside I'd like to turn my backyard into a sanctuary where I can relax. In the far future I would like to build a deck off the back of the house.
And the most exciting project I'd like to finish is my seashell mirror .......
The mirror below is the one that I made for my sister-in-law over a year ago.
I guess I've got a lot of work ahead of myself!

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