Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Baby Room Reveal

Yesterday was my last day of work (until October)!!! If you consider taking care of baby work, then let's just say yesterday was my last day of secular work. Seeing as baby is not here yet I get to have a few days to myself. Most of the baby prep has already been completed so I was able to get some of my daily house cleaning done today and soaking up the sun by my parent's pool. I thought now might be a good time to reveal the Baby Room, just in time, before she arrives!

This room has been pretty much closed off, or kept as storage since we bought the house back in November. We knew it would be one of our final bigger projects. I would have to say this room was the most difficult to decorate. I didn't want it to be too babyish, or tacky. If you want to see where I got a lot of my ideas from click here to read my previous posts. Thankfully, Johnny and Jack took care of the sanding and painting. That left me with only cleaning, and decorating. The first pieces of furniture that moved in were the crib, dresser and rug.

Before anything else was moved in I asked my father-in-law if he could remove the closet doors off of the closet and build a shelving system. The next day I came home from work and he had already started it!

Once this project was complete we began assembling all our other gadgets and slowly moved them into the room.

Johnny would probably hate me if he knew I posted this picture of him putting together the glider! To be fair, here is a not so glamorous shot of myself testing the glider out for the first time.

And so it goes everything was moved into the room!

Before ..........


Don't the shelves look AWESOME!

And here is my tribute to Pinterest. Johnny and I are obsessed with giraffes and elephants. One day while I was browsing Pinterest I found this idea ......

....... And immediately fell in love. So I pulled out some of my old scrapbooking paper and began. My Ipad came in handy for this project. I googled giraffe and elephant silhouettes. Then I traced them with a pencil. This was a very quick and easy way for me to get the perfect stencil for a giraffe and elephant without trying to sketch it myself. Then I mounted it onto another piece of scrap book paper and framed it!

I'm fortunate to have a friend that stalks my pinterest page because the hooks hanging below my home made pictures were also something I liked on Pinterest. My pinterest stalker/best friend bought these as a gift for our baby shower!

Pinned Image

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  1. I have that giraffe pinned too! Love it and I think I love your take on it even more!

    1. Thank you! Do you have a pinterest project that you did too or have a blog that I can take a look at?