Friday, July 20, 2012

Spare Room: Before and After

I apologize for being absent from blogging the past week and a half! I have no excuses! Unfortunately, no I have not had my baby yet. She has decided to come when she wants to come. Next Wednesday she will officially be two weeks late, so on Tuesday night the hospital plans on inducing me. At least I know that I will be meeting her within the next six days! You would think that during my time off without the baby I would be doing lots of projects but I haven't .... I have been a complete sloth! I'm not proud of it. I figured, since I don't have any projects to blog about I will share with you kind people a before and after of the spare room, A.K.A. "Johnny's Game Room."

I guess when we first bought the house I didn't do a good job at taking a picture of the room.

This room was one of my least favorite rooms in the house. Not only did it have paneling, but also drop down ceilings. The hard wood floors also looked beat up. Johnny convinced me that this room is not a priority yet and that in the future we can demo it, and put up new sheet rock but for now that we have to make do with what we have and just cosmetically make it look better. Cosmetic changes begin with painting.

That is ---- If I chose an appealing color ............

At least we were able to recognize that this color was ...... ummmm ........ well I guess you could say POOP. The second attempt at a color was the blue that you see in this image. This was also a No No, the blue was too vibrant. We made a trip back to Home Depot and picked out a new color. Third time is a charm!

Once the painting was done we moved in our couch.

Then we had our first sleepover at our new home!

As you can see, there was still construction going on in other parts of the house and that's why it looks so dusty. We didn't buy blinds yet, just hung up sheets and seeing as there was no cable or T.V. we brought our laptop to keep us entertained. It was exciting to spend the first day in our own home even though it may not look very cozy. After we finally moved in about a  month later and began working on the baby room, this room then became the storage room. One evening, while I was out, my mother-in-law came over and her and Johnny cleaned up the room and rearranged it. I was so grateful of this.



My mother-in-law and Johnny separated the sectional into two pieces, and we got white roman shades for the windows at JC Penny's for $20.00 each. As you can see the T.V. is waiting to be mounted on the wall and we still need to get curtains for the windows but I am loving the way the room looks! 


  1. Very nice job! We have a spare room as well and I'd love to turn it into a game room for my husband as a surprise. I need to go to the game room store and see what I can find. He'll love to have his own space for sports parties, etc.

    1. That would be an awesome surprise! I bet he would love it ...... Plus it would free up a room in the house for you!