Saturday, July 7, 2012

Project Bathroom: Before & After

In our lovely home we have two bathrooms - one upstairs and one downstairs. I'll admit, I like having one on each floor especially when we have visitors but I will also admit that I am not proud of one of them. The downstairs  bathroom. It is very outdated and it is a project that we have yet been able to tackle.

This is our shameful downstairs bathroom. We added a few items such as a trashcan, towels and the necessities but it definitly needs some work. Nonetheless, it is still functioning.

This is our upstairs bathroom before it was made over.

The major work that had to be done on this bathroom was cosmetic. The seller replaced the toilet and the sink. All we really had to do was paint and decorate it. Most of our house is painted with grays, greens and blue so Johnny suggested that I go with something else. And I did! I chose purple!

We stuck with the same type of blinds, Roman Palisades from Home Depot for the window. The round shower rod and shower curtain are both from home goods.

Turns out the Roman Palisades were a little revealing to the outside world. We covered it with a matching shower curtain. (My mother-in-laws brilliant idea!) We also added matching towels, a rug, a picture on the wall and the essentials. 



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