Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More Magnets

My favorite thing to do is GOOGLE. I google everything. So the other day I googled bottle cap magnets in reference to the bottle cap magnets that I previously posted about. I found a new type of bottle cap magnet and was inspired to try making them.


Bottle Caps
Designed Paper / Magazine
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Clear Nail Polish
Glue Gun

I begin by looking through magazines for pretty patterns. Some of my scrap book papers also have pretty designs. I then cut out a small circle (1" in Diameter) that can fit into the bottle cap. You can also use a 1" hole punch but I didn't have one.

Then I brush some of the mod podge into the bottle caps, placed the small patterned paper circles into the caps, and then applied a light coat of mod podge to the surface of the paper.

Let the mod podge sit for about 5 minutes until its dry. I was told to use epoxy resin but this was unsuccessful for me. The epoxy resin had a lot of air bubbles in it and it also had a yellowish tint to it. As an alternative I decided to use clear nail polish. Hey if it works on your nails then it should work well for this project too. You might want to consider using a clear gloss paint found at a hardware store if you decide to do this project in bulk.

Let the nail polish dry for 24 hours before trying to add the magnets.

After the polish dries use a glue gun to apply the small round magnets to the back of the bottle caps.

Then apply to your fridge or locker!

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