Monday, September 12, 2011

Wire & Beads

Last May I visited my grandparents in Florida. When Johnny and I were there we went to Disney. I like going in to tourist shops because you can find a lot of artwork there. I usually try to make a mental note of the things that I have seen so that I can make it. At one of the shops there was a lot of artwork done with wire and beads. When I got home I decided to try and make something similar to what I had seen. For wire and bead projects you need to buy the  beading wire (you can get this from either AC More, Michaels or any beading shop). The wire that I use is on a 10yd spool and its a 20 gauge.You want a wire that is thick enough for support but not too thick. If it is too thick it is difficult to bend or cut the wire. You will also  need some beading tools. The tool I use is called a round nose plier. This helps you to bend the wire and also cut it. For this specific project you also need a store bought starfish. You can get this at any seashell store or order them online.

I being by wrapping the wire around the center of the starfish a few times. Then I begin to add beads and continue to wrap. I usually try not to have any beads on the backside of the starfish so that it can hang flush  on the wall. The wrapping can take up to an hour or more. At the end, I secure the wire so that it will not come undone. I also create a hook with the wire so that I can hang it on the wall. Below is a picture of the beaded starfish that I have hanging in my room.

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