Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Baby Shower Ideas

I helped my Mom throw a baby shower for my Aunt. We wanted it to be the best shower ever for my future cousin. We wanted to avoid the typical tacky baby shower theme and have it be more elegant and special for my aunt. We had the party at a local hall and decorated everything ourselves. In the image above you can see how we decorated the table. The table cloth is just a white plastic table cloth. You can buy them at party plus, or iparty but they are less expensive if you get them at the dollar store. The plates and cups you can also get at your local party store or order them online. I am very picky when it comes to the untensils. I really like the silver plastic utensils that look real. As you can see from the picture in each napkin we put a spoon, a fork and a knife. To secure the napkin we tied it with ribbon and then curled the ribbon. For the party favors we were able to find blue hersheys kisses! Everyone loves a little bit of chocolate!

The centerpieces we created ourselves. We picked up the fabric flowers at AC Moore. We tried to stay with the blue theme because it was a boy baby shower so we chose blue roses and hydrangeas. The vases I had saved from my wedding. We filled the inside of the vases with blue and white marbles. You can find these at Christmas Tree Shop. To dress up the table a little more we placed a piece of blue sparkly tissue paper under the center pieces.

One of the gifts that we decided to give to my aunt was a diaper cake. A new Mom can never have enough diapers and it makes for a good decoration!

For the dessert Brigid and I made a fondant cake!
In the backround of this picture you can also see that we had a basket for cards. The polar with his bows was used to decorate the basket. It worked perfect because it was during the wintertime and went with the theme. We also had "Mom to be Napkins."

Its a good idea to make sure that you have a special table set aside for the gifts.

For this particular shower my Mom and I wanted it to be as unique as it could be. We decided to make it an evening couples shower! Some men might think that this would be boring but I think the men at our shower had a great time. And so did the women. Its all about the food, music and games.We played games that the men would find entertaining. The funniest game that we played was the dirty diaper game. You take diapers and put different foods such as melted chocolate, mustard, or peanut butter in them and everyone has to guess what it is. Here is a link to see a video taken from this shower.

Another game that we played was a game that requires blind folds and a doll. You have two contestants come up and you blind fold them. You set a timer and see who can change the dolls diaper the fastest while blindfolded. At the end of each game we awarded the winner a prize!

Hopefull this gives you some ideas if you need to throw a bridal shower!

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