Monday, September 12, 2011

Chocolate Martini's!

Are you trying to think of a unique and inexpensive party favor? For one of the bridal showers that I did I decorated martini glasses for all the guests. You can either go to your local Christmas Tree Shop, Dollar Store or Ocean State Job Lot to find inexpensive martini glasses. I picked mine up at the Christmas Tree Shop for .50 each.

After thinking of a theme color I went to Michaels and bought paint for the Martini Glasses. There is a special kind of paint that you need to use on the glass. The one that I chose to use was Delta PermEnamel. There are 3 steps to this paint just like painting your nails; a base; the color; a top coat. The first coat is a surface conditioner. It ensures proper adhesion between the paint and the glass. The second coat or second step is the air dry glass paint. There is a variety of colors to choose from. The third coat is called the clear gloss or satin glaze. It acts like a sealer to prevent the paint from chipping off the glass. Make sure that you read the directions on the paint bottles before using them.

 Other supplies that you will need for this project include paint brushes, wire (20 gauge), beads or charms, round nose pliers, scissors, hershey's kisses, small candy bags, paper, ribbon, and a sharpie. 

The only part of the glass that I painted was the bottom.I wrapped the wire around and up the base of the martini glass. After I attached charms that I had made with the wire and beads. You can also buy charms at Michael’s or AC More that have sayings on them.
For this Martini Glass I used shells and sea glass.

Once the martini glasses were finished I made little bags with hershey's kisses chocolates in them, tied a ribbon on it and attached the recipe for Chocolate Martini’s!

To attach the recipe card to the candies I put a hole punch in the recipe and tied the recipe on.To curl the ribbon all you need is a pair of scissors and your thumb. Put the ribbon between your thumb and scissors and pull. Please don't cut yourself!

At the end of the whole process this is what your project should look like!

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