Thursday, September 15, 2011

Framed Sand Dollars

What would you do with 89 sand dollars if you had them? I'm not sure - but its seems a little greedy to take 89 sand dollars from the beach and not use them. I decided to do a quick 5 minute project to use some of the sand dollars that I found back in March.
What you will need:
Construction Paper
Picture Frame
Sand Dollars
Glue Gun

Tape the Construction Paper onto the back of the mat board. You may have to cut it to fit.

Shake the sand dollar to get all the sand out of it. Once it is clean apply hot glue to the back of it.

Place the sand dollar on the construction paper. I decided to center mine. Don't press to hard on the sand dollar because they are very fragile and you could break it. Then you'd have to start all over again! If you wanted to you could choose to bleach the sand dollar before framing it to make it a pure white. If you do decide to do that make sure you let it air dry before putting it onto the construction paper. The next step after glueing the sand dollar onto the construction paper is to put the frame together.

I decided to make two for my walls. I like this one a lot because it shows the different sizes and colors that you can find a sand dollar in.

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