Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Starting the Seashell Mirror

Like this mirror? How much do you think it costs? $995.00! I know I can't afford it. So why not do it yourself! This post is about the set up for begining your own seashell mirror, and it costs close to nothing. The next time you find yourself at the beach try to make sure that you bring home a bucketfull of shells. That's what I usually do. When I get home I then wash the shells. You can bleach them, but if you do that it will take the color out of them.

I usually take all my shells and I put them in a large strainer and clean them with regular dish soap and hot water.

I really move the shells around when I clean them to make sure that I did a thorough job to get rid of the sea shell smell. After the first time of rinsing all the soap out I pour them out of the strainer and put them back in again to move them around. Then I repeat the process. When I'm done I put them on a cookie sheet with paper towels to air dry.

I let the shells air dry in a safe place where my cats won't get to them. I make sure that they are completely dry before starting my project.

For this project you will also need a glue gun, make sure you also have enough glue inserts so that you don't have to go out to get them again. You also need a wooden frame. It can't be the fake plastic wood because the shells won't stay attached to the frame. If you buy the frame at the store they can be kind of expensive. The best place to find them are at a tag sale or a consignment shop. This is the frame that I will be working with. A friend was cleaning out their garage and they were going to throw it away. I said I'd take it!

This is just to help you prepare for your project! In a future post I will show you what to do next!

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