Friday, June 29, 2012

Front Porch: Before and After

Your probably sick of hearing about baby showers so I wanted to sneak in my weekly house update before the week is over. I decided to finish up with the downstairs and give you a run down of the before and after of the front porch. Believe it or not, two of my favorite things about our house is that it has a front porch and a huge walk up attic. The down fall is that in the heat of the summer, both the front porch and the attic are comparative to a furnace! In the future I would like to turn my attic into an art studio for myself. As for the front porch it is still usable in the evenings when it cools off and in the spring and fall. This is our front porch when we first bought the house. It was a storage room for tools for a little while.

Once it was cleaned up a little bit I decided I wanted to make it look more homey and inviting. We had leftover paint after painting our bedroom. The paint that we used in our bedroom is Sherwin Williams Rainwash. It is very similar to the color in our living room.

I wasn't sure if it would look better if I painted all of the panelboard or just the bottom portion. The best way to find out was to paint it all and see how it looked. I ended up repainting the stop portion back to white. Then I brought in the furniture, decorations and sheers. The white sheers are from JC Penny and the teal sheers in the left of this photo were from Christmas Tree Shop. It created just enough privacy for us to spend time on the porch but also lets enough light shine in. This was the first time I had ever hung curtain rods by myself and they were a pain in the butt! At least now I know how to do it!



In the springtime I enjoyed eating me breakfast and dinner out here everyday!

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