Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Living Room: Before and After

The living room and the dining room progressed at about the same rate. They were the two easiest projects in the house and that is why we tackled them first.

 As mentioned before in my dining room post the first task for the living room was sanding the walls and painting. We were fortunate that we did not have to gut this room or do any construction on it.

Once it was completely painted the living room served as a storage room for a brief period of time while the kitchen was worked on. This is where our appliances found their first home.

As time past and the kitchen was pieced together like a puzzle the blinds were welcomed in. They are the same blinds that we used in the dining room.

 Our biggest mistake was bringing in the couch!

 Now we had a comfortable place to sit which gave a great excuse not to work as hard! The set up of the living room was a little bit unusual. It may not seem like it because it's one large rectangular room with plenty of space. The dilemma in planning the set up of the furniture was that we have a lot of openings. We have two wide doorways and the rest of the walls have windows. We first tried the couch pushed flush against the windows but I didn't like the idea of having the couch facing straight into the dining room. It also didn't leave much of an option of where to put the T.V.. I decided to try something a little different. I squared off the room by moving the couch. I found this to be cozier and more inviting.

 Curtains went up too! Other furniture slowly moved in. We used a vintage chest as our T.V. stand. Then Johnny's blue leather chair was added and another chest that my father in law made. We also got another area rug ... Guess from where? Another Pier 1 Import fantastic deal! I was really excited when I could finally hang pictures. I created a picture wall. The only thing that we haven't added is a coffee table. It would be a nice addition to the room but I'm afraid that if I put a coffee table in the living room we will never eat in our dining room! Or it could become a clutter table instead of a coffee table. Instead, we decided to put in a desk for those late nights when I have homework to do!



Feels like Home!

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