Friday, June 15, 2012

Baby Announcement Party

When I decided to return to the blogging world about a week or two ago I had mentioned that we had a unique and interesting way to announce whether we were having a boy or a girl. This was my Mom's idea. For those of you who decided to wait to find out the gender of your child kudos to you! As for us, we couldn't wait and had no desire to wait to find out. My Mom decided that she wanted to throw a party with our family and closest friends to announce the gender of our child. She had heard an idea that you tell a baker if it's a boy or a girl and depending on what it is, the inside of the cake will be colored pink or blue. Then the frosting of course would be something neutral so that no one would know what it was. Instead of asking a baker to make the cake we asked a friend to do it because she is very talented when it comes to making cakes. The way it worked out for us was that we had our ultrasound on a Tuesday. We told the technician not to tell us if it was a boy or a girl. She wrote it on a small piece of paper, and put it in a sealed envelope and we gave it to my Mom so we could avoid the temptation of opening the envelope. Then my Mom delivered the envelope to the friend that was baking the cake. We had plans that evening, and also Wednesday evening that prevented us from being able to have the party then. We had to wait in anticipation until Thursday to find out what our baby was! Before the guest arrived all I wanted to do was stick my finger in the cake to know! This is what the cake looked like.

 After everyone showed up we quickly ate dinner ..... Pizza, the easiest and quickest thing possible. Then we cut the cake with all our closest family and friends surrounding us .... Including my grandma from Florida via the iPad (Thank You Steve Jobs!).

I love this picture because everyone looks like they are thinking what is it going to be!? And the point of reveal .....

We cut the cake to reveal a pink color! This is when I whispered, "It's a Girl!" Can you tell how excited everyone was? That's my sister-in-law jumping up and down screaming! Johnny and I were both shy with all the people watching us but so excited to find out we were having a little girl.

And then we all ate cake! And it was DELICIOUS!

 Prior to this party everyone asked me what I thought the baby would be. My gut feeling all along was that it was a girl. After I saw the ultrasound images, especially the 3D ones (which are very scary), I thought well maybe it could be a boy. I was shocked to find out it was a girl. All my life I have grown up around boys, I have four brothers and now here I am having a little girl. To those of you who wait to find out the gender of your child that's awesome, and I am sure you have great reasoning behind waiting! I'm sure it adds motivation during your pregnancy up to your delivery day. But to me finding out the gender has bonded me more with my little girl to be. I can refer to her as "her" or "she" rather than "baby". It also has given me the chance to think of ideas for the baby room. I was so happy to have an announcement party and share this moment with my friends and family and I highly recommend it!

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