Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Google It!

So I'm sure that you've all heard enough about the sewing machine! Before abandoning the topic I just wanted to share a tip for anyone else that has had the issue that I had. First I'd like to mention that my solution to all problems is - just google it. Google is my most reliable resource for any type of problem. I ask it a question and it always answers me. In the google search engine I asked, why does my thread keep bunching when I use my Singer Sewing machine? I surfed through multiple pages to find the answer. The most common reasons I was getting was that there was an issue with the Bobbin. This was good news because it meant that my machine wasn't broken. I took some notes and three main cause for the "bunching of thread", which I later learned is called "birdnesting", were:
  • The Bobbin could have tiny pieces of lint or dust on it causing a jam (highly likely seeing as I forgot that I even owned a sewing machine for the past 4 years).
  • The Bobbin could have been inserted upside down. 
  • Or the tension settings were wrong.
I decided that I would try these solutions and if all else fails, wait until my Grandma visits in November and ask her to fix it for me. When I got home from work, I took the Bobbin out, flipped it so it would no longer be "upside-down" and unraveled the spool a little bit to clear any dust or lint particles. I was unsure about how to adjust the tension settings, and warned on google that I shouldn't mess around with the settings. Much to my surprise, I tested the machine and it worked perfectly! I'm not sure if it was the dust particles or the fact that the bobbin was upside-down or both, all I know is that my problem was solved! That night I was able to complete two more pillows to match the previous two that I had made.

I tried to start a third pillow but of course, I ran out of thread on my Bobbin. Once I refilled the Bobbin I then ran out of thread on my spool, and to be honest it wasn't worth the time or energy to go rifling through all my boxes that are packed for our big move! Monday we close on our home! Less than 5 days away!

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