Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fall Decor

Over the weekend I tried to think of more fall decor projects to do. My neice Kami was in town, so to keep her busy I decided take her and my parents dog, JoJo, on a walk.

In my opinion JoJo is one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen!

During the walk we made sure to keep our eyes out for colorful leaves. We collected the ones that we liked. Once we got home I showed Kami a quick and easy project to preserve the leaves and their color.All you need is wax paper, a towel, and an iron.

These are some of the leaves we collected. They're not as colorful as some that I have found in past years.

Cut the wax paper into small squares. Or rectangles. Or any mishap shape if your not a scissor professional. Just make sure that the pieces are cut to size to be able to fit a leaf on it. Then cut a second piece about the same size. Feel the wax paper to determine which side is the waxier side. Take your leaf and place it between your two pieces of wax paper, allowing the waxy sides to touch the leaf. Place it on a towel and iron it. Flip it over and iron the other side. Once your done, let it cool, then peel the two pieces of wax paper apart. You now have a preserved leaf! When you iron the leaf you remove the moisture, this way you don’t have to worry about the leaf curling as it dries. The wax paper has a lot to do with preserving the leaf too because the wax is transferred from the paper to the leaf. Once your all done you can use the leaves for decoration or you can frame them.

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