Thursday, October 6, 2011

House Hunting

Its official! Our house hunting days are coming to an end. Yesterday our bid was accepted on the house we wanted and our loan is approved thanks to all the help from my Mom. We also already took the course for the First Time Home Buyer Certificate. Now all we have to do is pray that the inspection comes back with a good report and get an appraisal done. If all goes well, we will be in our new home in less than 26 days! Let the countdown begin.

This is going to be our living room. I didn't get a picture of it but there is also an enclosed front porch to the right of this picture. The seller is putting in a whole new heating system that's why the base boards are taken apart.

This is a picture of the dining room looking in from the kitchen door.

This is our kitchen! It definitly needs some work but we look forward to this project :). Here is another picture of the kitchen from a different angle. It's actually a pretty decent size. I told Johnny we could put an island in the middle of the kitchen - I think he thought I was getting a little carried away!

This is the downstairs half bath. This also needs a little bit of cosmetic work to spruce it up but its perfect for our first home.

Heading upstairs this is the first bedroom on the left. We will probably turn this room into a game room / office.

This is the second bedroom which we have decided to keep as a spare bedroom for guests. NO KIDS YET! Not for quite a while!

This is the third bedroom which we will probably make ours. This picture is decieving. Its bigger than what it looks like. Here is another picture from a different angle.
And this of course is the upstairs bathroom!
I'll refrain from posting a picture of the front of the house because it has less than desired curb appeal. I'll wait until I can put a before and after picture. It has nice siding but the color is absolutely awful and the house has aluminum awnings that make it look even worse! The yard is small but its the perfect size for a busy couple that don't have time for the upkeep of a large yard. Hopefully we will put in a little fire pit to make s'mores! I can't wait to post more in the future about the transformation of our new home......... Too be continued!

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