Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Damage Done

Need I explain?

In my parents backyard a whole tree came down. The meter box also blew off their house when the power went out.

I just thought this was a great photo - props to my brother Nick.

Another shot of my parents backyard.

Broken branches everywhere.

Hershey posing with the the broken trees.

In front of our mailbox.

 Yes that's my in-laws house hidden behind the massive fallen tree.
Split trees.

This tree was completed uproot from the weight of the leaves and snow.

A lot of the treetops have been snapped off.

Food for thought -Worst case scenario, during a power outage you will become a poor, bored, smelly, starving, frozen, lethargic house-bound individual.

Poor - Unless you usually carry cash around, during a power outage you won't be able to access the ATM for money.
Smelly - A lot of people, when they lose power, they also lose hot water - which means no showers! Eeew!
Bored - No telephones, no internet, no TV, no lights!
Starving - If you have an electric stove, you won't be cooking during a power outage. Also the grociery stores around us were ran on back up generators and they cook only sell non-perishable foods. (No dairy, meat or seafood.)
Frozen - No heat = freezing! Burr, bundle up!
Lethargic - During the 36 hours that I was without power I missed my coffee machine most.
House Bound - It was unbelievable to think that we couldn't get any gas in our area. We had to travel outside our town to get gas, and even then we had to wait in line for over 45 minutes! The closest gas station to us even ran out!

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