Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Adventure to Home Depot

The other night my in-laws and I stopped at the house to take some measurements and then we made a trip to home depot. We measured the windows so that we could purchase some blinds. This was urgent because in the bathroom we have a trashbag hanging over the window to keep out the peeping toms. We also took a look at cabinets for the kitchen. We have to schedule an appointment if we want to meet with a specialist in this department. From there we looked at some carpeting. I am totally against carpeting but I guess for the stairs it’s a safety hazard. If I find a runner that I like then I will consider using it on the stairs for safety. After that we proceeded on to look at bathroom fixtures. Right now the medicine cabinet in our upstairs bathroom is ancient and hideous. It is actually built into the wall. We want to remove it, resheet rock over it and hang a different cabinet.We also took measurements of the bathtub because we want to put up a door rather than having a curtain. I can’t stand a cold shower! Overall the trip to home depot was successful – we didn’t purchase much but now I have a few things to think about.

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