Saturday, November 19, 2011

This Weeks Projects

This week has been a busy week for me. The last time I worked on the house was last Sunday, but I was finally able to get back today. Good for me, Johnny was able to work on the house with his dad during the week and they got quite a bit done. One evening they spent painting the living room. The other evening Johnny was able to continue tearing down the kitchen which included ripping down the ceiling.

This morning a, another huge project was tackled. Paul was able to fix the chimney - which means no carbon monoxide poisoning for us! This is what it looked like after we took down the walls and covered the wholes.

First Paul removed some of the bricks so he could replace the entire flue.

Then he patched it all back up.

While Paul worked in the kitchen Johnny completed the second coat of paint in the living room, and it looks gorgeous.

I love how it looks!

While all of this was happening I wasn't just standing around doing nothing! I had picked out a burnt orange paint to go in the dining room. I thought the two colors would go well together. Unfortunately the color was more like a creamsicle and it looked awful. I hated it. The good thing is I only painted a little bit before realizing that I didn't like the color. Once it dried I painted over it with white. While I waited for that to dry I pulled nails out of the stairs that I had previously ripped all the carpet from. Thankfully my Mom showed up with lunch and we took a break. Then she finished painting the trim in the dining room. Considering my color choice was now out of the picture my plans for the day were too. Or at least temporarily stalled. Sheila stopped by and said that she would go with me to pick new paints. We picked out a dark gray. When I got back to the house I was able to finish one wall, the wall looking into the living room. I first started with the edging.

Then I rolled the walls.

Much better than creamsicle! Tomorrow is a new day, I hope to finish the dining room.

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