Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday's Success

Saturday morning Johnny and I woke up bright and early determined to get some work done. It feels like we haven't had much progress since we bought the house but Saturday was a huge success. We started the morning off by going to check out some cabinets. We had decided that we were going to redo the entire kitchen and then realized how much it is going to cost us for new cabinets, new countertops and not to mention that we don't own any appliances yet. So we figured maybe we will have to stick with what we've got, paint them, and add some decorative knobs for the time being. But when you need things it always seems to come out of the wood work. Someone that knew we needed cabinets approached Johnny's father and told him that he had just redone an apartment and put in all new cabinets but the old ones (which are in good condition) were up for grabs. We took a look at them and decided that these will be our temporary cabinets. Anything is better than what we have up now.

These are the current cabinets.

After that adventure we went to the house to get some work done. Jack put a second coat of paint on the ceilings while Johnny and I prepped for painting. We had some more scraping to do, sanding and then we began working on painting the trim and windows. (Indecisive! We changed our minds and decided that we do not want to restore the wood trim, instead we are sticking with our origional plans and painting it white.)

At about 1 oclock we had plans to pick up a matress so we left, had some lunch and got the matress and box spring.

One thing that I have been worrying about is the fact that we don't have any appliances. We haven't moved in yet - so its not a huge deal, but we decided that on Saturday we would also order our appliances. We looked around a couple weekends ago at Home Depot and did some internet research. We also talked to other people that had bought appliances. We planned on waiting until Black Friday to try and score a good deal but after recieving a flier in the mail from Lowes we realized that they were also offering good deals for the Veterans Day sale. My Mom accompanied us to Lowes to order it. I asked the sales man if we should wait until Black Friday and he gave us a little inside tip - Black Friday was going to have the same deals that they currently had the only difference is that they would probably be out of the items that we wanted. So we decided to purchase the set right then and there.

Save up to $1,200 on Select Kitchen Suites

This is the Fridgidaire set that we decided to get. This third tier energey star fridge which was origionally $1299.00 was on sale for for $789.00. Because of its high energy star rating we can also get up to $150.00 rebate from mass save. The stove was origionally $899.00 and we were able to get it for $599.00. We decided not to buy the microwave because we are unsure how our kitchen is going to be set up. We don't know if we want a countertop microwave or a hanging microwave. We also didn't buy a dishwasher because at the moment we have no where to put it. (I guess we will mostly be using paper plates!) The total we saved from this deal was $810.00 and then another $150.00 if we can get the rebate from mass save. The other special that Lowes was running was 18 months of 0% interest financing.

5% Off* Every Day or 18 Months Special Financing**

Once we finished at Lowes I thought we were done for the evening. I thought wrong. We went back to the house for another four hours and got a lot of work done. While Johnny, Nathaniel (my brother) and my Mom finished all the trim in the living room and dining room I edged around the ceilings to prep for rolling the walls. I got my color inspiration from a magazine clipping.

Sorry, not the greatest picture quality but you get the idea.

This is what the color ended up looking like on the wall.

Love it!

Some may think this isn't the greatest painting job, but I say "Who Cares!?" Thats why I suggest you buy the amazing........

It makes miracles by scraping the the excess paint off the windows in one quick swipe.

While I was becoming best friends with the ladder.....

..... Johnny was able to get some inventive work done in the kitchen. Right now the chimney in the kitchen is exposed from when we were tearing down walls. There are two holes in the chimney flue which can be very dangerous because carbon monoxide can enter into the house. We had to temporarily cover it until Paul can come over to patch it up.

Good thing we didn't throw that Pizza box away!

or the plastic from our coca cola case!

After I get some housework and laundry done today, I will back at the house trying to finish painting the living room!

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