Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Proposal Pillow

Ever since I saw the Pinterest Challenge on http://www.younghouselove.com/ I was thinking of what project I wanted to do. I finally decided between two projects. I love the artsy chandelier (in the picture below taken from http://www.dreambookdesign.com/). I also loved this pillow from http://www.lacefielddesigns.com/.

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Saturday afternoon I went out to get the supplies for these projects and I would decide which one to do when I got home. When I was out I was unable to find an old chandelier so the decision was made. I would be making the pillow. The big question is alway DIY or Buy? This 17"X17" pillow from lacefield designs is $150.00 - so I would say DIY is the better way to go. I went to Michaels and bought the following items.

I needed more thread so I bought black and tan. I also bought some fabric paint, a sponge brush, felt and canvas material. The pillow from lacefield designs looks like its a burlap but I could only find canvas at Michaels. I spent $19.00 compared to $150.00.

I drew out the target on the canvas and began painting it with the fabric paint.

I wanted to use felt on my pillow so I decided to make an applique felt heart while the paint dried.

I applied the heart to a circular piece of canvas material so that I could place it as the bullseye of the target.

Then I sewed it on.

I also created an applique arrow, fortune cookie and hand sewed a date onto the pillow.

Surprisingliy I like the pillow I made more than the one on lacefield designs!


It could partly be due to the fact that I added some personal touches to the pillow.

In highschool I hated gym. I never wanted to spend the rest of the day being hot and sweaty. Each semester that I was required to take gym I would take the easy way out and take the archery course and I actually enjoyed it. On December 18, 2008 Johnny invited me over to his house. At this point we had been dating 3 days short to a year. Outside he had a target set up with balloons pinned to it, and he said he wanted to target shoot with me. The only requirement was that I don't shoot the bullseye right away. I alway end up doing the opposite of what I am told and my first shot went straight for the bullseye and popped the balloon.

Out flew a small note. Johnny grabbed it before I got to see what it said. We continued to target shoot and as we popped all the other balloons they had cute sayings in them like nice shot babe.

 Once we were done we had a romantic candle-lit dinner inside (sushi  & pad thai - my favorite meal ever)!

 At the very end I always eat my fortune cookie. I cracked the cookie open, ate it and read the fortune which said .......... Will you marry me!?

 And of course I said YES! Happily Ever After!

Do you have a good proposal story? Share it here!

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